Community rallies to support local hockey patriarch

Community rallies to support local hockey patriarch

MARQUETTE — Mac…one name with a big impact on the junior hockey scene in the U.P. Tim McIntosh has been a fixture in the local hockey community for decades now and when he had to have emergency heart surgery last month, the entire community decided to get together to Pack the Rink for Mac.

This past Saturday a special fundraiser was held for Mac in the form of an alumni hockey game between the Marquette Electricians and the Marquette Redmen. And everyone that participated knows how much Mac meant to local hockey.

“If you’ve stepped foot into Lakeview Arena, if you ever went to a Northern hockey game, you would know who the voice of the Wildcats is. You would know who the organizer of Marquette junior hockey is if you ever walked through this rink,” Riipi said.

“Well, Mac’s been involved with Marquette junior hockey forever, since I started playing hockey a hundred years ago,” said Peterson.

“As far as the hockey community goes up here, he’s not just representative of Marquette, but the entire U.P. He’s just done so much for everybody over the years, getting kids all the way up to the NHL level,” Thomsen said.

Former Electricians player Chris Gobert also started a GoFundMe page that has collected just over $16,000 in less than three weeks, an amount that exemplifies how much the community cares about one of their own.

“It shows how much this hockey community is and what we can do when we put out minds together for it. Again, Tim has so much for so many kids throughout the years that it’s easy to see that everyone was ready to pay it forward back to him,” said Thomsen.

“It just goes to show what kind of a man Mac is and how much people actually do care for the guy and want to make sure that he can make it after he’s been out of work for over a month now and just going to have a long road to recovery. So it just goes to show what the community will do when someone’s in need,” said Riipi.

For those who care about actual score from the game, the Electricians won it 8–6.