Community members have coffee with a cop

Community members have coffee with a cop

MARQUETTE — Community members from all over Marquette County met up with multiple local law enforcement agencies this morning to have coffee with a cop.

‘Coffee with a Cop’ is a national initiative that gives members of the community a unique opportunity to ask questions and learn more about what a police officer does in their neighborhood. In the second year for this initiative in Marquette County, both law enforcement and the community looked to continue their progress from last year.

“We had people that called the post and also called different law enforcement agencies in our area, and told us about what their problems were and what their community needs were,” said Community Service Trooper Stacey Rasanen, “that’s what we want people to do and that’s why we’re here today at Culver’s is to let the people, our citizens, have a voice and get the message to us so that we can go on patrol where we need to be on patrol.”

The goal for police officers is to communicate with a large group of the public that they serve. The police officers take that goal very seriously and encourage members of the community to let their voices be heard.

“I think everybody in the community that wants to be here,” said Undersheriff Mike Klein, “especially if they have a question that they’d like to ask us in person. They can come down and talk to any agency that’s represented. This is open not just for the community, but for every police agency as well to get out and meet the people and citizens of Marquette County or whatever their jurisdiction is.”

For those who were unable to attend, there will be another opportunity to have coffee with a cop at McDonalds in Ishpeming on May 28th from 9 to 11 a.m.