Community heroes donate blood for local use

Community heroes donate blood for local use

IRON RIVER — People in Iron River walked onto the campus of a local hospital as donors, and left as heroes. ABC 10’s Sarah Mac visited the hospital this morning during their blood drive.

Wonder Woman has a jet, and Batman has a Batmobile… but everyday heroes sit in the “bloodmobile.”

Aspirus Iron River Hospital partnered with the U.P. Regional Blood Center to host a blood drive for much needed donations.

According to the American Red Cross every two seconds in the U.S. someone needs blood and approximately 41,000 blood donations are needed everyday.

Donor Technician Tracy Mitchell says, “You can’t make blood. You can not synthetically process it in any way, so the only way for us to get what we need is from all of our community members.”

When blood donating ads say that you could help save a life, it’s no exaggeration. In fact donating through the U.P. Regional Blood Center means your donation could even help a neighbor.

Community Relations and Marketing Manager for Aspirus Iron River Hospital Abby Miller, “Something that I’ve been hearing people say as their donating is it’s really important to them that the blood stay in the U.P. Not that other blood centers don’t do it that way, but I think it’s special when someone can give blood from this hospital and know, you know there’s a chance that this could come back to this hospital or somewhere else in the U.P.”

Miller says that there are future blood drives in the works. Donors were welcomed to schedule an appointment or walk-in. Miller said this time around they were able to book 32 donors, which is a full schedule for the four hour block.

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