Colloquium held for teaching children with Autism

Colloquium held for teaching children with Autism

MARQUETTE — The Northern Michigan University psychology department held a presentation titled “Teaching Complex Verbal Operants to Children with Autism.”

All seating room and standing room was occupied. The key focus of the presentation was to draw attention to a body of literature that has developed over the past 30 years.

“I hope that they walk away with an understanding of how procedures and methodologies for teaching individuals with Autism, language skills can be adapted to teach more generative skills,” said Board Certified Behavior Analyst Jacob Daar.

Daar came all the way from Southern Illinois University, but says it’s worth the trip for such an important topic.

“The need for Autism treatment is huge,” added Daar, “in the Upper Peninsula I know there is about children just in the school system per certified behavior analyst within a 100 mile radius of here. Those that are trained not only to do language acquisition but to focus on more complex language is certainly something that every area in the country needs.”

This was the psych department’s first colloquium of the year. Attendees include undergraduate students, graduate students, NMU faculty, and members of the community.