College students march for equality

College students march for equality

MARQUETTE — NMU students will be honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. all week. They began their tribute with a ‘March For Equality’.

Even though NMU students did not have class on Monday, that didn’t stop them from coming out in large numbers on campus to support the beliefs of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“We’re marching to show that we still don’t have equality here in the United States,” said Multicultural Education and Resource Center Associate Director Shirley Brozzo, “and we’d like to see that changed. King came up with this dream so many years ago and it’s still something that so many of us are still fighting for.”

“We still have to fight for these issues, ” said Black Student Union Co–President Jeulani Gahiji, “MLK was a great man. It’s a good event to be supportive for and I feel like it’s a great event for us to all work together for one common goal.”
The march went from the Payne/Halverson lobby to the University Center across campus to promote the ongoing push for equal rights set by Dr. King.

“He stands for social movements, social justice, and I think that’s why I’m here mostly,” said NMU College Democrats Vice President Connor Raak, “to support other NMU students and the idea of MLK and his ideas on social justice.”

“MLK fought for equality and I just want that to be something that is continuing to be fought for because we’re not equal today,” added Gahiji, “there are women who don’t get paid as much as men, black people who don’t get treated as well as white people and today I’m going to speak about that at the event so I’m excited for that.”

Once the students arrived at the University Center speakers gave presentations that addressed racial and diversity issues.

“We are committed to the ideas of being a supportive, welcoming, safe place for all members of our community,” said NMU President Dr. Fritz J. Erickson, “and this is an expression of that commitment.”

Participants volunteered for the U.P. Children’s Museum, Salvation Army, Women’s Center, Harbor House, Room at the Inn, and for local veterans as well.

NMU will be holding service projects and events all week including a keynote presentation from author and motivational speaker Antoine Moss on Thursday.