Clydesdale’s gallop into Upper Peninsula

Clydesdale’s gallop into Upper Peninsula

IRON RIVER — Iron River is buzzing with excitement this week as they host some very special guests.

The Budweiser Clydesdale’s travel roughly three hundred days a year, being in a different city and state every week. After months of planning and logistical efforts, Iron County welcomed the World Renowned team of Draft Horses as part of the 49th U.P. Championship Rodeo Week. It was an awe inspiring moment being introduced to these ‘gentle giants.’

“Levi, has done this his whole life, he’s about fifteen years old, and like I said, he’s one of our lead horses, so he’ll be in the very front for the wagon, partnered up with another horse we have named cash” said Handler of the Budweiser Clydesdale’s, Kat Metzger. The Iconic Budweiser wagon along with the famous Clydesdale’s will be making some special beer deliveries to local Budweiser accounts in Iron River.

Metzger stated, “Just like the old days, we’ll take the horses, drive them down to the locations, deliver beer off the wagon and then we’ll be doing the rodeo.” From young to old, near and far, crowds packed the RV park to witness these magnificent animals. With Levi and Cash leading the team through the park. Levi has a special place in Kat’s heart.

Kat added,”You know, I really like Levi. Levi’s kind of a been there done that horse, he’s just a great, great horse for our team.”