City officials host open house to meet with the public

City officials host open house to meet with the public

MARQUETTE — City employees are often very busy, so sometimes it can be hard for the Average Joe to have one-on-one interactions with them.

That’s why the City of Marquette hosts an annual open house. This year’s open house was held Wednesday night at the Marquette Arts and Culture Center and different departments and organizations from all over the city came down to meet with the public.

“This is a great event for all of us that work for the city. It’s a chance to see people, talk to people. Those of us that have been here a long time know a lot of people, so it gives them a chance to kind of mingle and talk,” said City Manager Mike Angeli.

“They can come up and ask us questions about what our job is, what we do on a daily basis. Not only what we do as a fire department, but what the other city departments do as a whole on a daily basis to keep the city moving,” added Brian Anderson and Engineer with the Marquette Fire Department.

The open house ran from four to seven and it was a packed house. Visitors also got to enjoy snacks and refreshments.