City has new ‘Top Cop’

City has new ‘Top Cop’

MARQUETTE — There is a new man in charge as of Monday. Captain Blake Rieboldt was named the city of Marquette’s top cop.

The new promotion is a huge transition, but Chief Rieboldt say’s he is up for the challenge.

“It’s been a whirlwind, there has been a lot going on and it is a huge transition to this position,” said new Chief of Police, Blake Rieboldt. “I have been working with my former boss Mike Angeli and he is helping me through the process. I am looking forward to the challenge.”

With a new man in charge, changes usually follow. But Rieboldt say’s there will not be major changes right now. He wants to maintain the positive things his staff is currently doing.

“There is nothing major I plan on changing right now, I feel right now the department is running at full capacity, kind of running on all eight cylinders,” said Rieboldt. “I just want to maintain what we have going here, which is a real positive thing. The staff we have here at the city is great. The officers, and the men and women of the department do a great job. So right now I am just going to ease into my position, learn some of the budgetary aspects of it, and keep business as usual and provide the service that we provide.”

The person to replace Rieboldt as Patrol Captain is still unknown. Once the time arises to appoint the new captain, Chief Rieboldt will select an internal candidate.