City approves contracts for roundabout projects

City approves contracts for roundabout projects

ISHPEMING — Another step forward for a big project in the City of Ishpeming took place Tuesday morning.

The Ishpeming City Council voted to approve two contracts with the Michigan Department of Transportation that finalize the City’s agreement to pay for certain parts of the two roundabout projects scheduled to begin this spring on US–41. The contracts cover a combination of activities that will take place during the intersection renovation.

“There’s a small urban grant, there was a safety grant, and then there was a highway project plus we have water main work that the city wants to do, which normally wouldn’t be part of an MDOT project, but they’re willing to do it in one contract, so it all works smoothly instead of having different contractors out there getting in each others’ way, one contractor is going to do all that work,” said City Manager Mark Slown.

Plans currently call for MDOT to contract with A. Lindberg and Sons to do the work. The full project is expected to cost around four million dollars — about half a million less than originally budgeted.

The Council also voted in favor of running an additional fiber line through City Hall to help increase performance on the newly renovated infrastructure.

“We’re enhancing our technological infrastructure at City Hall — replacing things that have been there for twenty years or more — and it will help to make the city more efficient and more reliable,” Slown added.

Council members also voted to make a custodial contractor who currently cleans city facilities into a part–time city employee.