Circuit Court Judge set to retire

Circuit Court Judge set to retire

ESCANABA — After nearly 23 years and over 14,000 cases, Circuit Court Judge Stephen Davis of the 47th Judicial Circuit will be hanging up his robe.

During his time on the bench in Delta County, Judge Davis has seen a lot of things change. New technology has changed the way evidence is presented, and teleconferencing equipment has allowed people to appear in court without actually being there. Certain types of crime have also increased over the past two decades.

“We’ve seen a tremendous rise in crimes involving controlled substances,” Davis said. “We’ve also seen a rise in crimes that are not directly related to controlled substances, but which are influenced by the use of controlled substances. That’s the biggest change in the last 22 years, and it continues.”

Before he leaves at the end of the year, the judge hopes to help bring a different kind of court to Delta County.

“We’re hoping to establish a viable ongoing drug court here in Delta County. We’ve got it well underway, but it’s not yet up and running. We expect that it will be by the end of this year,” added Davis.

While travel and volunteer work are on the post-retirement docket, Judge Davis also might return to the legal arena as a lawyer.