Changes made to better compensate city attorney

Changes made to better compensate city attorney

ISHPEMING — Changes are being made to the Ishpeming City Council to make one person’s job a little easier.

Bonnie Hoff serves as the city’s attorney, and she was originally hired as an independent contractor. Recently, the city decided that’s not really the best fit.

“Bonnie has been doing a terrific job and the original agreement that we had with her really envisioned less work than she’s been doing and there’s just been a lot of work that needs to be done. People should get compensated for their work and the new agreement is a method of doing that,” said City Manager Mark Slown.

Hoff will now be a part-time employee with an office, work computer, and administrative assistants. In addition, Hoff will no longer serve on the Building Authority.

“The conflict of interest is that if she’s sitting on the board executing what council says to do and she’s also trying to be the attorney advising council on the legality of what the city is doing you can’t really wear both of those hats at the same time without, perhaps, overlooking one or over-focusing on the other,” Slown added.

Hoff’s seat was filled by Jim Lampman, the former finance director.