Car Insurance now on Smartphones

Car Insurance now on Smartphones

MARQUETTE — The state of Michigan is making the transition from the paper world to the electronic world. House Bill 4193 has been approved by the Senate allowing motorists to share insurance documents with the police via smart phone or other capable devices.

Iron Range Agency Claim Manager, Jill Stagliano said,” More and more people are connected electronically. I am a victim myself of when I get the papers in the mail, I don’t put my proof of insurance in my glove box immediately. You know you can easily access it on your phone.”

Michigan State Trooper, Stacy Rasanen said, “It’s trying to make it easier for motorists to have it so they dont have to seach through the glove compartment. It could also be another safety issues for law enforcement that it is right there on their phone and can show it to us quickly. Or it can be on a type of mobile device they might have with them in their vehicle.”

The bill also includes privacy protection for motorists who hand their phones to the police, prohibiting viewing of any other information on the device. If you do decide to switch to the electronic version, the police kindly ask that you have your insurance already pulled up on your smart phone before they come to your window.

An officer also has the option of requiring a motorist to forward an electronic copy of insurance documents to an email address, allowing the officer to view it in a car rather than on the side of the road. The bill will be enforced starting January 5th 2016.

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