Campus holds community read event

Campus holds community read event

HANCOCK — Finlandia University is hosting local authors this month as part of their Campus Read event. ABC 10’s Amanda L’Esperance has more.

The “Campus Read” event held annually at Finlandia University brings the community together to celebrate literature in all its forms.

This year’s theme focuses on authors of the Northern Great Lakes Region and writing inspired by the area. Assistant Professor of English at Finlandia University, Mark Lounibos, says literature–focused events will be held on campus throughout the month.

Lounibos, said, “Campus Read 2016 has three specific authors coming to campus who will present their work. Then we also have, on April 9th, an all author and publisher forum where local and regional authors and publishers come together to present their work and give workshops on publishing and basically support the local literary community.”

The three authors visiting Finlandia’s campus are Andrea Scarpino, Sonny Longtine, and John Smolens. Campus Read also includes a writing contest for Finlandia Students. The winner of which will be presented at an open–mic night at a local coffee shop, K.C. Bonkers, on April 9th.

Lounibos, said, “I really want to emphasize that this event is not just a Finlandia event but a community event, and anyone in the community is welcome to participate. We really want to celebrate literature beyond the bounds of the university. So, come on in, take note of these events on the calendar or in the newspaper, just come on by.”

All Campus Read events are free and open to the public. More information about the featured authors and events are available on the Finlandia University website.