Booster club donates money to their rival

Booster club donates money to their rival

NEGAUNEE — When it comes to rivalries here in the U.P., Ishpeming versus Negaunee is one of the best ones there is.

Last week’s boys basketball game at Lakeview Gymnasium saw about a thousand people pack the stands. A part of every game is the 50/50 drawing.

At the end of the night, no one claimed the winning prize of almost $400. Negaunee Booster Club President Scott Jandron decided to share the wealth and give the unclaimed winnings to the Ishpeming Booster Club.

“We all know that Negaunee and Ishpeming are big rivals,” said Jandron. “Whenever we play them it’s always the biggest game of the year, whether it’s basketball or football, you name it. At the end of the day, we’re all neighbors and part of the same community, so we thought it was a good community gesture to do that.”

Jandron added that the booster club sold a ton of tickets that night thanks to the help of the National Guard, who had people selling 50/50 tickets to people in the stands. The Ishpeming Booster Club plans on allocating the money in their general fund to help student athletes pay for various athletic costs.