Bond proposal means new sports complex, if passed

Bond proposal means new sports complex, if passed

HOUGHTON/PORTAGE — A new sports complex is part of a project that could get underway if residents in the Houghton–Portage Township School District approve an upcoming bond referendum. ABC 10’s Rick Allen has the details.

A bond proposal, if approved, would mean major renovations at Houghton–Portage Township Schools. The school district held a Community Forum Wednesday to outline the $8.69 million project.

The project would include upgrades to instructional technology, security improvements and building enhancements, energy conservation measures, and a complete overhaul of the outdoor athletic facilities.

Houghton–Portage Township Schools Superintendent Doreen Klingbeil said, “The quality of our education is really important to our community and I feel that’s one of the strengths that Houghton has to offer and having this bond pass means a lot to the future of our students and what we have to offer and it would be a positive impact as well.”

The district wants to install a new artificial turf football field and replace the track, plus build new a new scoreboard, bleachers and concession stand.

A brand new baseball field would also be built, along with improvements to the existing softball field.

Details of the bond referendum can be found on the district’s website, and the public is encouraged to learn what the project would mean for the schools and the community.

Klingbeil said, “These are areas that have not been addressed in many years and we’ve been kind of putting a Band–Aid on these areas and it’s time for us to take a look at them seriously and make sure that we’re giving our students the best that we can, whether it’s in our P.E. classes or whether it’s in our classrooms.”

The proposal will be on the ballot on May 3rd.