Art exhibit displays the beauty of a U.P. morning

Art exhibit displays the beauty of a U.P. morning

MARQUETTE — The Great Lakes and the Upper Peninsula are forces to be reckoned with, but if you’re up to the challenge, each are a great source of inspiration.

The Bonifas Fine Arts Center hosts a competition called Northern Exposure that celebrates the artwork of the hardy folk who live in the U.P. Paul Arno Rose won the Featured Artist Award in that competition, which landed him an exhibition at the Marquette Arts and Culture Center. The title of the exhibit is “Narratives of My Life.”

“Each one tells a little bit different story. There’s a couple pieces that go way back to the 70’s of mine but in general they are pieces…they’re like little stories about whispers about life and what we see. I so enjoy sharing those emotions that happen to come upon me in early morning or late at night,” said Rose.

Many of Rose’s pieces focus on the natural beauty of the area, but there are also pictures of his parents on display.

If you’d like to see the exhibit, it will be on display until March 6th.