Almost time to head for the hills

Almost time to head for the hills

ISHPEMING — The wait for the highly anticipated opening date of the Al Quaal tube slide is almost over.

The popular scenic tube slide that started around ten years ago will be open to the public beginning tomorrow at noon. There are multitude of reasons for the later start this year, including snowfall.

“You have to go through all of your equipment and make sure it’s working properly and most importantly safely,” said Public Works Director John Kangas, “so we check all of our safety features. Then we have to go through and train all of our seasonal employees and makes sure they know what their requirements are as far as allowing the users to safely use our facility. We need frozen water on Teal Lake. We try to get a minimum of six inches of ice and I think we’ve got eight now.”

Sliders travel between two and three hundred yards from the top of the hill to the bottom where they finish on Teal Lake depending on sliding conditions for the day. The cost for a lift ticket for the entire day is only eight dollars per person with a group option available as well. The tube slide is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-5 p.m.

Photo Courtesy: Pure Michigan