Almost time for skiers to hit the skies

Almost time for skiers to hit the skies

ISHPEMING — The 129th Annual Ski Jumping Tournament is just two days away.

It’s almost time for the 129th Annual Ski Jumping Tournament at Suicide Hill Ski Bowl. The main hill crew has been working hard over the past week and the preparation process is right on schedule. On Wednesday the 96 meter hill will be sending skiers to the skies.

“We actually go in partnership with four other jump hills in the Mid–West creating a five hill tour,” said Tournament Chair Bob Hendrickson, ” and we host European teams. So we have the Finns, Norwegians, and Slovenians coming this year. Then we’ll have eight to ten, maybe twelve U.S. jump team members and then some master skiers. We’re looking at 20–25 people for a jump field.”

Hendrickson added that no matter how many pictures or videos you’ve seen, there’s nothing like seeing the skiers take off in person.

“Hearing the skiers fly through the air, land, and slap the skis onto the snow is pretty exciting. They’re doing about 45–50 miles an hour through the air and they’re literally flying so until you see it up close first–hand, it’s pretty unique.”

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A heated building with concessions, a large bonfire, and a fireworks show will be at the event as well.