All American WNBA All-Star coaches local B-Ball players

All American WNBA All-Star coaches local B-Ball players

She’s a two–time All American, five–time European Champion, two–time WNBA All–Star and a Wisconsin Hall of Famer.
Her name is Anna DeForge and she took nearly 80 local girls basketball players under her wing for a special camp this past weekend.

The University of Nebraska graduate holds special clinics all over the country and on Saturday, she was at Negaunee Middle School, teaching girls from 5th grade to high school what it takes to be a great basketball player.

“I teach a lot of skills, a lot of fundamentals. I’m very detail oriented in what I teach. What you do with your right hand, you should do with your left. Also, what you do with your right foot, you should be able to do with your left. And this is where I’m very detailed and specific with how I teach. Fundamentals are the reason I was a 17–year pro. It made my career much, much longer and I stress them just because they’re very, very important and you can’t become great without them,” DeForge said.

DeForge says Negaunee girls assistant coach Rick Williams was her junior high coach at Niagra Wisconsin and he contacted her through Facebook.
I asked DeForge what kind of message she wants to send to the young girls.

“I want them to know there’s opportunity at a professional level out there. There’s college. You can get a free education because you’re a really good athlete. After that, you can get paid to play this game. Although it takes a lot of hard work and dedication, I want kids to know there’s a lot of opportunity there, whether it’s the WNBA, whether it’s Europe. There’s just a lot of opportunity to continue playing basketball at any age,” said DeForge.

If you would like more information on setting up a camp with Anna DeForge, click here.