ABC 10 talks to high school seniors about college preparation

ABC 10 talks to high school seniors about college preparation

EBEN — A teacher at Superior Central is bringing employees from various professions to their high school to talk to seniors about what they do and help them plan for post graduation. Today ABC 10’s Jerry Taylor was lucky to have the opportunity to tell these seniors about a career in broadcasting.

With the uncertainty of deciding on a career field, the students have enjoyed learning about what certain jobs are like on a daily basis and what opportunities they will have.

“Some people that might be thinking about going into business or broadcasting,” said Senior Greg Seppanen, “we’ve never done it before so it’s nice to get some input from someone who has actually done it. Because we don’t know what we’re going into after high school with absolute certainty.”

While a career in media production may not be for all of the students, the students still learn about the type of work ethic needed in order to succeed in any field.

“Basically you’ve got to put in a lot more work than other people,” said Senior Garrett Schertz, “because physical therapy is a very competitive field. There’s a lot of openings, but it’s still really competitive and to make a lot of money and be at the top you have to work a lot harder and put more time in than everybody else is.”

Most of the students had a general idea of what they would like to do after graduation, but said the presentations have helped guide them toward a more definitive answer.