A career that made a difference

A career that made a difference

DOLLAR BAY-TAMARACK — The longest currently serving superintendent in the Copper Country is calling it a career.

With over 40 years in education as a coach and administrator 65–year–old Jan Quarless says he is ready to retire. For the past 12 years Quarless has been the Superintendent of Dollar–Bay Tamarack Schools.

Dollar Bay–Tamarack Schools Superintendent Jan Quarless said, “The journey’s been challenging at times, but I think maybe when you get my age, you start realizing that it’s time to pass the mantle on. I’m quite proud of what’s been accomplished here by everyone involved, but at the same time, maybe you try to sneak out when you’re on top.”

A lot of changes have been made under his leadership including focusing heavily on academics going to trimesters and expanding the school’s athletic programs. The benefit was that instead of losing children to other school districts they became a desired destination for many resident students and through School of Choice.

The next superintendent may have a tougher time simply maintaining the momentum.

Quarless said, “When you try to climb a hill, you can eventually get there. On the other hand, once you’re on top that mountain, it’s difficult to stay there. We have a wonderful teaching staff, support staff, I can’t say enough about our board—but I think a new superintendent is going to have to be creative, is going to have to find ways to continue that enthusiasm that we have at this point.”

In the meantime the school district is in good hands. Quarless doesn’t officially retire until later this spring.