Valentine’s Day Concert fast approaching

Valentine’s Day Concert fast approaching

CALUMET — Valentine’s Day makes a great day to support three local organizations you love.

Musician Scott Helmer will be appearing Sunday at the Calumet Theater as part of his Support Your Cause Tour.

Calumet Theater Executive Director Laura Miller said, “Scott Helmer is an acoustic guitar player and a singer and songwriter and he’s doing it because he wants to help non–profits across the country support their causes.”

Money raised will be split between Dial Help, The Copper Country Humane Society and The Calumet Theater. The Theater is raising money for a new elevator to help people get up to the second floor ballroom and balcony.

Dial Help is in need of a critical element to their service: phones.

Dial Help Executive Director Rebecca Crane said, “The core service that we provide is our phone system. We do have texting and instant messaging, which is through our computer, but the bulk of our services for the crisis line is through our phone system.”

And who doesn’t love dogs and cats and those who take care of them? The Copper Country Humane Society has been in their current facility for about 12 years and there’s work that needs to be done.

Copper Country Humane Society Board Member Roger Woods said, “We’re looking to replacing some of the things that are a little tired or warn or just simply need to be updated to match the wear and tear that we’ve had on having a 24–7 shelter being run there.”

Tickets to see the concert are $21 or for $30, you’ll also get a Scott Helmer CD and a Lift Us Up Elevator button. The show is Sunday at 7:30pm.