Local man wins $1,000 in nationwide contest

Local man wins $1,000 in nationwide contest

WEST ISHPEMING — Having someone else do his taxes has literally paid off for an Ishpeming man.

Manny Barry took his usual tax forms to the H&R Block location in West Ishpeming last week. H&R Block is giving away one thousand dollars a day to 1,000 customers for 32 days.

Late last week, Barry figured out that he was one of the lucky contest winners, picking up an extra tax return of $1,000.

“I got home and I asked my wife if she had checked our e-mail and she said no. When she did, she’s like, ‘I think we won’, said Barry talking about the memorable experience. “We checked and did everything they told us to do. Well the kids already have it pretty much spent along with the wife,” said Barry with a smile on his face. “I’ll probably just get my little cut out of it.”

“I think I was more excited than he was when he called,” said Janet Letson, the office manager at the H&R Block. “I got off of the phone and was running around the office all excited. It was very, very cool.”

The H&R Block Contest runs through February 19th. In addition to Manny, another Yooper won a thousand dollars from the contest drawing. They filed their taxes at the Marquette location.