School looking for help to fill new pantry

School looking for help to fill new pantry

GWINN — Students at Gwinn Middle and High School will soon have a food and clothing pantry available to them.

Students will have access to both food and clothes once the pantry is open. Nicole Lackey, who serves as the social worker for the district, is helping put together the on-site pantry.

The pantry was just created this week and the district is looking for help in filling it with non-perishable foods and clothes.

“Any student in the school can ask a staff member to go in there if they have a need and all staff members will have access to the pantry,” said Lackey. We’re going to have kids getting involved with promoting it. Some students will be directly involved with helping to maintain it, stock it, make sure it’s cleaned and maintained.”

Lackey added that both elementary schools in the district already have clothes pantries currently in place. She would eventually like to add a refrigerator to the newly created food pantry.

If you would like to make a donation to the pantry, you can contact the Gwinn Middle and High School at (906) 346-9247 ext. 2362.