5th grade students visit Bothwell

5th grade students visit Bothwell

MARQUETTE — Bothwell Middle School welcomed next year’s sixth grade class earlier today. With the current fifth graders coming from four different elementary schools, the visitation is split up into two days.

During the first day, students from Cherry Creek and Superior Hills Elementary Schools walked into a warm welcome from Bothwell’s eighth grade Jazz Band. The students received a full tour, and learned about the fun opportunities they will have at school next year.

“We like to give them the chance to see some of our spotlight programs,” said Guidance Counselor Lesley Addison, “our music programs, our physical health class and some of the activities that we offer for sixth graders.”

The kids also learned about the daily schedule and routine of a sixth grade student and received answers to any questions that they had.

“Often times, the things kids are most concerned about are lunch and lockers and finding their way around the building,” continued Addison, “most of our new sixth graders will tell you after the first week of school they found their way around just fine. Most of it is just getting used to a new place and a new routine and new expectations.”

Students from Sandy Knoll and Graveraet Elementary Schools will visit tomorrow. Parents will be able to join their students in another orientation before school starts in September.