U.P. girl with rare syndrome asking for 1,000 cards for her birthday

HOUGHTON — One U.P. girl is asking everyone for something very simple that makes her extremely happy for her birthday, which is a birthday card. ABC 10’s Melanie Palmer has the story on Allyson’s goal of receiving 1,000 cards.

For one soon to be 11-year old girl, cards and pictures are everything.

“This is me in one of them and then, this is me and my two sisters,” said Allyson Peterson.
Allyson Peterson has loved receiving cards since she was just a couple years old.

Now with her 11th birthday coming up on April 28th, she has a goal of receiving 1,000 cards. This of which, seems very achievable for Allyson.

“I don’t keep track anymore, I have almost 300,” said Peterson.

The joy that these cards create for Allyson is important. At only 6 months, she was diagnosed with a rare condition causing her to be in and out of the hospital very frequently. Allyson was diagnosed with kabuki syndrome type 2 at the age of 8. A disorder so rare, that it only occurs in 1 of every 32,000 newborns.

“When I’m at school, it’s not really fair because other kids can run up the stairs but I can’t because it hurts really badly,” said Peterson.

This syndrome causes developmental delays, behavioral issues, along with sensory problems, just to name a few and is currently incurable. During Allyon’s time receiving medical treatment that is when her love for collecting these cards began.

“It was when I was in the hospital a lot and they kept giving me good morning cards,” said Peterson.

Allyson’s Dad would push her in a wagon around the hospital and faculty would drop cards in the wagon for her. She loves to sort the cards and read them; these cards mean everything to her.

“These cards make me happy,” said Peterson.

Allyson and her family have an upcoming trip to Florida through the Make a Wish Foundation. But before she goes, this optimistic, loving girl would love to receive more cards.

If you would like to send Allyson a birthday card, the address is P.O. Box 1016 Hurontown in Houghton, Michigan 49931. Allyson loves all kinds of cards, from animals to Disney Princess, and especially homemade ones. Allyson’s family is hoping to give this sweetheart the best birthday ever.