Yooper Hero, Renée Prince, gives time and asks nothing in return

MARQUETTE — In this week’s segment of Yooper Hero, ABC 10’s Melanie Palmer sat down with an incredible woman who has given countless hours of volunteering to a local non-profit organization.

Renée Prince has been a passionate volunteer at the Beacon House for over a decade. The idea of volunteering at a hospitality home arose when her Father had open heart surgery back in the 80’s, leading her Mother to stay at a similar home. Her Mother raved about a supportive and helpful woman who worked at the home and that inspired Renée want to do the same.

“When Beacon House came here, I thought I need to be here and my Dad had just died and I think everything happens for a reason. That just made me want to be here more and I think he is proud of me for doing it, he was a big volunteer himself,” said Yooper Hero, Renée Prince.

Renée works on book keeping all of Beacon House’s services along with assisting on the organization’s board as Board President. Having a volunteer such as Renee, goes a long way for the Beacon House.

“She does so much for organization, she is our Board President, which means every months she works to organize the finance committee meetings along as the board meetings, but every single day she comes into work for free, she doesn’t charge us a penny. The fact that she does it so lovingly and so happily and that she’s a volunteer, it’s just extraordinary for us,” said Beacon House CEO, Mary Dowling.

Renee has two kids and loves to spend time with her pets, also known as her fur babies. All the time and effort that Renée has put in the Beacon House without expecting anything in return, makes her a true Yooper Hero!

“If you have a day that just isn’t going too well and you volunteer and you are just out there, even a smile, you don’t have to actually walk in a building, a non-profit. You can just give a smile, open a door, or can just help someone with the groceries, it doesn’t matter, if you’re thinking that maybe you should do it, just do it,” said Prince.

If you know of an unsung hero in the community who is doing something small that is making a huge difference, let us know! Email Melanie Palmer at mpalmer@abc10up.com and let her know what makes them a Yooper Hero!