2015 Evergreen Award winner announced

2015 Evergreen Award winner announced

MARQUETTE — The 2015 recipient of the Evergreen Award was announced earlier today.

This year’s recipient is Rosemarie Strom. The Evergreen Award is a regional award given to an individual in Marquette County that is inspirational in their role as a mentor to women and girls. Strom is a woman of many hats and hairstyles; all while focusing on helping others.

“I love people,” said 2015 Evergreen Award Recipient Rosemarie Strom, “I love my work. Like I say, I get all of my benefits from students that I’ve had over the years who have seen me and come up to me and say, ‘hello Ms. Rose,’ that means more to me than anything in the world.”

Strom did not know she had won until just moments before the announcement and was stunned.

“I can’t believe it,” added Strom, “it’s the most exciting and best thing that ever happened in my entire life.”

Among the endless other ways Strom has given back to her community and volunteered, she is known by many for establishing the Main Street School of Cosmetology in Ishpeming.