18th annual Noquemanon Ski Marathon begins tomorrow

18th annual Noquemanon Ski Marathon begins tomorrow

MARQUETTE — The annual Noquemanon Ski Marathon is finally here. Organizers of the marathon say the 18th annual event is shaping up to be another great year.

The three–day event starts tomorrow, beginning with the Junior Noque race. Besides cross–country skiing, the event will also include snow biking, Skijoring, and snowshoeing.

Noquemanon Ski Marathon Director, Jason Rolling said, “With winter events you are always dictated on mother nature, and luckily we have been blessed in the final stages here to get the snow that we needed. We have the best community in world, obviously, and we have over 600 volunteers that sacrifice their time to make this event great. We could always use more and we are so thankful that the community wraps themselves around this event and really comes to rally and puts on a great thing to stage Marquette in a good light.”

1,200 to 1,500 athletes are predicted to participate in the marathon. Rolling also mentioned that the event is one of the top four marathons in the nation. Athletes from over fifteen different states are traveling to take part in the event.

“Thank you to the community and our sponsors, UP Health Systems, Frei Chevrolet, mBank, our title sponsors have all been great. We couldn’t do it without their support and we couldn’t do it without the community. Come on out and check out the event. We like to have a lot of excitement at the finish line. You can get warm in the dome and you can go back out and watch more of the event. If you want to see something exciting this is a good weekend to do it.

The first race will begin tomorrow at three pm. For more information and a schedule of the events, please visit this link or noquemanon.com