18th annual Jr Noquemenon Ski Marathon begins today

18th annual Jr Noquemenon Ski Marathon begins today

MARQUETTE — The 18th annual Noquemenon Ski Marathon began today. Junior Noque was the first race of the three–day event.

The race began and ended at the Forestville Trailhead. ,Hundreds of young skiers ages eighteen and below participated in the event.

Junior Noque Skier, Bethany Wright said,” I’ve been doing the Junior Noque for about ten years. I do it because it is a lot of fun. I love the trails and the race. I really like the finish, it is all down hill. It is a great race. It is local, it is a ton of fun, there is good competition but it is not like overly competitive.”

Junior Noque Skier, Nathan Garwood said,” It is good to get out there and race with all of your friends. Its a good experience and a good time to learn. My favorite part of the race is some of the down hills on this coarse. I use to be a downhill skier, so getting a chance to go back to that is pretty fun. Come out it is a lot of fun. You can bring out all of your friends and you guys can all race together, it is just a good experience.”

Winners of todays race will be posted on the Noqemenon Ski Marathon website. Tomorrows events are set to begin at eight AM at Al Quaal.