18th annual Good News Awards distributed

18th annual Good News Awards distributed

MARQUETTE — The 18th annual Good News Awards were held earlier today at the Grace United Methodist Church in Marquette. The Good News Awards are a joint effort between five different churches throughout Marquette County.

The awards ceremony honors media outlets in television, newspaper, and radio. The Good News Award winners are selected based on several aspects including the quality of the writing, filming, and promoting community and values.

“The media have to report the bad things that happen,” said judge Loreene Zeno Koskey, “but there are also a lot of good things and positive things, and people helping other people and treating people with respect that go on. So we just want to thank the media for doing those stories and hopefully encourage them to do even more of those.”

ABC Ten’s Katlin Connin won a certificate of merit on her story titled “Horse Ride” about a woman from Montana who made a cross country road–trip on a horse. Former ABC-Ten reporter Mike Hoey was unable to attend, but won a Good News Award for his story on drug babies.