13th annual Blues Fest logo contest seeking submissions

13th annual Blues Fest logo contest seeking submissions

MARQUETTE — The 13th annual Labor Day weekend Blues Fest is once again seeking creative entries for their logo contest.

Artists, students, and blues lovers are encouraged to enter their most original logo ideas.

Marquette Blues Society President, Mark Hamari said, “We have our board of trustees and we have a meeting after all the submissions are in. We get together and lay them all out and everyone votes. Then we narrow it down to the final three and re–vote again and we get the winner. Their stuff is featured on all our material and they also get two weekend passes to the festival and two t–shirts.”

Everyone is welcome to enter the contest and entries are unlimited. Submissions will be accepted until February 29th, 2016.

“That is part of our mission, to keep the blues alive, because it is such a uniquely American form of art. A lot of the old blues musicians are getting older and dying or passing on. So it is up to us, the younger generation, because it is the uniquely American tradition and I think is it great that we are doing our part to keep it going.”

For more information on the contest and entry forms, follow this link.